Wednesday, September 26, 2012

for the love of reading

It was time to go outside and play....well, at least I got him outside anyway!  His new Cul-de-sac books arrived today!  He has read 20 books so far with only 4 more left in the series :)


  1. Ahh..... we do love to see them outside and able to run around and get exercise. But it is so good to see them showing their love for reading also. As you said, at least you got him outside in the fresh air.
    Are your colds all gone now,and how are you doing with the lip balms?
    Thanks for sharing Alissa.
    Love you

  2. We are on round 2 of the colds...this one is worse. Deep chest cough. Trying to keep baby from getting it! Lip balms are going good...The first batch is really holding up well to the different temperatures and feels good on the lips :)

  3. That's our boy!!! So glad to see him enjoying reading so much! Good he was also getting some good fresh air. Looks like he had a pal sitting next to him? Hope everyone is feeling better by now. Glad the lip balms are working out.

    Love you all