Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rolling over

4 1/2 months old

To update about our dear friend down south....we got a call that he was moved to the hospital and is now in hospice care.  He isn't talking anymore but they said we can call and they will put the phone up to his ear to listen (he was in a deep sleep when we called).  I don't think it will be too much longer....but as we told him a few weeks ago, we will see him again in glory one day!
Our oldest brought him an updated picture of herself for him to have at the nursing home a few weeks back, and we were told it was in his room at the hospital as well....he kept a picture of her in his kitchen for sweet :)


  1. Oh,how sweet was that to watch!!!!! It was so fast,and from the smile on her face,she was very pleased with her accomplishment. Thanks for sharing that.
    It does sound like a home going is near for your dear friend. I'm so glad you all got to see him when you did. Thanks for the update.
    Love you all

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the video!!! That was great to see our girl rolling over! Just loved the smile on her face when she did it!
    We are so glad you did get to see your friend a couple of weeks back and that was probably the best time to see him while he was alert and talking. We know he's ready to see his Saviour but he'll definitely be missed here. Your family was so special to him and your oldest, of course, had a very special place in his heart!

    Love you all