Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 1

We arrived Tuesday in Michigan.  I was so glad all the kids were finally over their colds that they've had (forever!)  but wouldn't you know....I had to come down with one.  Mostly just sinus stuff but my ear was clogged for most of the trip (still is) and had sinus headaches on and off.  I still managed to have a good time though despite feeling under the weather.  Day one was mostly just getting situated in the cabin, playing on the grounds (they had a playground and basketball hoop there) and getting out in the canoe and catching frogs.  The evening was sitting around the campfire roasting hotdogs and enjoying fellowship with all the families.
our cabin

catching frogs

caught a frog


  1. I love all your pictures! It looks like you did all have fun. I don't know if our wee girl is happy sitting on the cold cement. The boys were having a great time looking for frogs. I think Daddy enjoyed being out in the canoe with the kids. The oldest looks like a real pro handling the oar. I hope we get to see some pictures of you also.

    Love you sweetheart

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures - everyone looks like they are having so much fun - makes me think of our camping days. Will look forward to seeing more of your vacation pictures.
    Love to all

  3. What great pictures showing your vacation time of Day 1! The canoeing looked like lots of fun for the kids and Daddy as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Love you all