Friday, September 27, 2013

Acappella ..


  1. Alex and I sat, listened to, and discussed "In Christ Alone" in great detail. Thank you for sharing. :) (the other was not as enjoyed, but still cool)

  2. We love singing In Christ Alone!

  3. WOW! I really liked "In Christ Alone" That is a beautiful piece. What a super job he did on it. You have me loving all these new songs that you sing as a family. Thanks sweetheart!!

    I'm hoping this isn't going to show up twice.

  4. Have to agree, "In Christ Alone" was very beautifully done. I have always loved that song since first hearing it.

    Hope you all are feeling well.

    Love you all

  5. You can't be serious Mom.... never heard that song before?? Hmm...
    A beautiful rendition of "In Christ Alone". And might I just add, that he is Canadian! Or at least attend(ed) a Canadian University. Oh yeah!! :)