Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Number 6

So I haven't made an official blog announcement.....but my pregnancy ticker up top does the trick!  We are so excited as we wait the arrival of our newest member in the new year.  And as you can see from the choice of's going to be a GIRL!  I've been having high blood pressure early on and today the doctor actually brought up the idea of starting medication to control it.  I really want to wait a bit to see if will improve....I really dislike medication during pregnancy!!  Please be in prayer with us about this that I can get it under control.  She is quite an active little girl already.  I love feeling those movements!  Can't wait till the kids can start to feel those kicks.
God is so good.  We feel so very blessed :)


  1. And we are very blessed too!!! We sure are looking forward to seeing this precious girl. It's great news!! Well the boys got outnumbered, but they will enjoy their new baby sister when she comes. We will be praying your blood pressure stays normal. I wish I was close enough to feel some of those kicks myself. I still get excited feeling baby kicks.

    Love you sweetheart

  2. Congratulations on the news that you are having a girl...she will be another little blessing in your family and another great niece for me to love.
    ..will pray your blood pressure will come down or at least not go up any more and you won't need to take medication.
    love to all.

  3. We are blessed, indeed!!! We're so happy for you all!!!
    We'll definitely keep your blood pressure issue in prayer. That is wonderful that you're feeling the kicks. That is always so exciting!

    Love you all

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on the news of a new little one on the way, especially a girl. I know Kailey is soooooo excited but the other 2 little ones will have a sister close to their ages. Hand-me-downs are also nice when they come in a row like that!! YOU AND BEN HAVE CERTAINLY BEEN BLESSED BY OUR LORD and SAVIOUR!! Are your children and Jessica's children close in age? I know Kailey was born when Jessica hadn't had any children yet, but then you both started having babies close together it seems. Someday, tell me the name of all your children; I know all but one and the new one but I am not sure how to spell the last two. Love, prayers and hugs. : ) <3 <3 <3

  5. Grandpa and Grandma LawrenceSeptember 15, 2013 at 4:22 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KALEB! Now you know that you are going to have a new baby sister, that makes you a special big brother with Kyle to help. We're happy for you and we long to hear how God is blessing you as you love the Lord Jesus and live for Him. We Love you . . . .