Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday

Our boy turned 6!!!  I can't believe how these kids are growing so fast!  My oldest came to rescue again for me this birthday.....making the cake.  We got home from church and I really needed a nap so off she went and made the cake.  It was delicious!  We didn't decorate it according to our snake theme but he sure loved his 'snake' themed cards!!  He got his toy guns he was hoping for, some Star Wars figurines, and a ninja suit and sword.
He's 6!

Cake decorator


  1. Wow!! What a handsome ninja. I'm glad he enjoyed his 6th birthday. I'm sure the cake was delicious. I thought maybe you were going to say he got a long rubber snake too :) Although I can't see you wanting one of those in the house. ha ha.

    Loved the pictures of all my little darlings! They are so precious.

    Love you all soooo much.

  2. Love the pictures - He didn't seem upset over not having his snake theme cake and his sister did a great job on the cake - I agree with Grandma, he is a good looking ninja. Of course he comes from a good looking family and yes I am a bit prejudiced but that is okay.
    Love to all

  3. So glad our boy had such a great birthday!!! Have to agree he did look so cute in his ninja suit! Really loved all the pictures of our sweet ones!

    Love and hugs to all