Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 2

Day  2 was our first full day together.  We headed off to the apple farm where our friends mom works.  Her mom generously supplied delicious apple cider for us all and apple cider doughnuts.  Let me tell you....these were sooooo good!!  I had the apple cider cinnamon doughnut!  The apple farm not only had numerous varieties of apple trees but it had a playground and animal farm for the kids to visit.  We enjoyed the animals until baby girl got too close to the ponies....then it was game over for her!  Get me outta here!  The kids spent quite a bit of time enjoying each other's company on the playground.  Then we headed to the Marina where we looked at the boats and some actually got into the water (it was way too cold for most of us!)  Later that night we had pizza back at the cabin and then when it got really, really late we headed to the beach to watch a beautiful stars display.  The kids loved laying on the sand and counting the number of shooting stars.  It was beautiful!

most of the kids

not amused!!!

back at the cabin playing games with daddy


  1. Great pictures Alissa - can't wait to see what comes next - everyone seems to be having a good time - it looked like a fun place to go - too bad baby girl got scared by the horses but they are pretty big - even the ponies for a little one.
    I was wondering if the water would be cold - good for those brave ones that went in.
    Waiting for Day 3..
    Love to all

  2. Looks like a really fun day for everyone. I'm sure if our little one had not been so close, perhaps she would have liked the ponies. Of course I could be wrong. I enjoyed all the pictures. Looking forward to more!

    Love Mom

  3. Thanks again for sharing all the wonderful pictures!

    Love you all