Tuesday, September 2, 2014


So we have been busy, busy, busy around here.  Our chickens are enjoying their new home and producing 6 eggs a day.  The kids love the 'chore' of collecting eggs and letting them out to roam.

We've been having lots and lots of rain so mowing is becoming a weekly thing.  We have about 5-6 acres that needs constant mowing so it can take several days to get it all done.  I actually LOVE mowing the grass!!  I get out on the riding lawn mower and have several hours of quiet time which is nice :)

We have had company as well.  My parents stopped in for a visit, then we had friends from Maine pass through whom we haven't seen in 15 years!  He was hubby's best man at our wedding.  All the kids got along wonderfully well and didn't want to see them leave!!   We also have guests this weekend as well.... busy, busy, busy!

Hubby has a side business that has supplemented our income for several years now.  God has been so gracious in blessing this business to where it is going to be hubby's full time employment.  He has loved working at the Creation Museum and will miss his co-workers (and friends) but we are so thankful for this opportunity for hubby to work from home!  This will be his last month there.

All the kids are doing great.  School is going well and we are getting much accomplished.  The kids are enjoying lots of new books, so I will have to share their new favorites in another post soon!

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