Sunday, September 28, 2014


Here are a few updates over the past couple weeks:
Baby girl has 2 teeth now.  She is getting so vocal!!  She laughs at everything.  Loves watching the kids.  They enjoy making her laugh.  She just turned 8 I have introduced solids.  We are trying sweet potato and she is doing ok.  I tried a little apple sauce last night and that didn't go over well at all.  We will stick with the veggies for now.

Hubby has been home for a week now.  We all LOVE it!!  Hubby and I go for an early morning walk every day.  He has built a second chicken coop for our second group of birds.  One has injured its leg some how and is limping.  One chicken died from our first batch because it was egg-bound.  It hadn't laid an egg in over a week and we found her dead one morning.  The kids were very upset about Millie.  Hubby is also installing a pole and meter up at the front of our long driveway to hopefully help get a better internet signal.

We are getting a lot done during school hours!  It is so nice that hubby can take the little ones while I teach some of the more intense subjects without interruption now.  The kids are really enjoying our human body unit right now in Science.

Hubby also went out to lunch this week with his former co-workers.  He is going to keep that up on a regular basis with the guys there.  Some good friendships!

That's about it for right now....

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  1. Thanks for all the updates. So glad all is going well. I know you all are loving it, for sure!

    Love to all