Saturday, September 13, 2014

More chickens and more updates

   We are getting 4 more chickens this week!!  Yay!  The chickens have been doing really well laying an egg a day each.  Having 10 chickens will be nice and a good supply for our sized family.
    We are getting ready to close the pool next week.  It has been so enjoyable this summer and I look forward to next summer when we can get in it again!
    Hubby is heading into his last week at the museum.  I'm sure it is going to be hard saying goodbye to such great friends and coworkers.  I'm so excited he will be home now!!  What a blessing for our family :)  He is busy with updates to his side business.  He will be launching a new website design soon for his software (hopefully in October) and it is looking fantastic so far.  We are very excited and hoping for an increase in subscribers as well.  Hubby was able to share with his coworkers what he will be doing after he leaves the museum and he received alot of great feedback.  God has blessed so much!
   I've been swapping out the kids summer clothes for their winter outfits.  The cooler weather has been so nice.  I LOVE the fall!  Looking forward to the cool evenings and the walks up to the road and back.
    School is going well and the kids are looking forward to Science soon (one of their favorite subjects)  We have finished up Geography and almost done Civics, so we will head into learning about the human body.  Always an interesting and fun topic!!
    Baby girl is doing well.  No teeth yet, still haven't started her on solids yet, she is close to clapping, not sitting up yet, she does get her knees tucked up under her but no crawling yet.  She is a happy, happy girl.
    I think that is about all the is new around here......

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  1. That is so wonderful how the Lord has blessed your family so abundantly! We pray that His blessings will continue! So glad everything is going great!

    Love you all