Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Garden-fresh homemade pumpkin bread

How exciting!  My first 2 loaves of homemade pumpkin bread with our very own garden grown pumpkin!!  Tastes good too :)  We roasted the seeds as well, but the pumpkins were just a tad under-ripe so the seeds weren't the best.  I'm waiting to process the rest of the pumpkins to make sure they are fully ripened.  It was really easy though!  I'm going to have lots of pumpkin stored away for future goodies!  I also put in a picture of my pressure canner.  I've canned several jars of green beans so far, and the second batch of green beans I blanched and froze.  Our cucumbers are growing like crazy and some are just huge!!!  Tonight I will be doing my 5th batch of pickles.


  1. Yumm! The bread looks delicious. Maybe pumpkin muffins too? That is quite the apparatus, your pressure canner. Those are big pickles! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your canning experience. It certainly takes up a lot of time though. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You're making me yearn for pumpkin goodies.:)

    PS. I would still like to see a picture of the birthday cake.

    Love to everyone

  2. You are making your father hungry.
    Love Dad

  3. The pumpkin bread sure does look good! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. That cucumber is almost as big as our girl. :-)