Friday, July 24, 2015


   We had some baby chicks arrived today!  Yep.....we missed our little Tophats so much we ordered some more.  The kids were surprised because we didn't tell them they were coming :)
   Hubby is going to watch a rabbit slaughter tonight.  It sounds gross, but these are meat rabbits like the ones we have and he is going to learn the whole process tonight from start to finish.  Hopefully he won't be too grossed out!  He's not really looking forward to it, but we have to learn how to do it.  Our rabbits will be ready for breeding the end of next month.  We are also rabbit-sitting for the next 2 weeks for friends.  They have lots of bunnies and juniors and we will be getting one of their bucks!
   The garden is continuing to produce daily.  Every other day I'm processing something, whether it is pickles, pumpkin or green beans.  We are waiting on our tomatoes and ocra,  and only one cantaloupe is growing (out of a whole row!!!)  Lettuce still is forming but nothing yet.  We went and plowed all the rows that didn't produce anything.  I lost all my onions, peppers, garlic, chives and strawberries. Such a disappointment.  We are certainly learning the things that work well and what doesn't and how much to plant next year.  It's been a great learning process and I'm already excited about next years' garden.
  Other than that, nothing else new I guess.....just staying busy!


  1. That's great to hear that you got some more Tophats. They really were so cute and interesting. You'll have to find another Elvis and Kenny Rogers. Well how did our boy do with the video? If he has a little bit of his mom in him, probably not too good. :-) So glad your garden has done pretty well and you're learning a lot this year. That is great! Thanks for keeping us up on the news.

  2. He almost passed out!!! Really!! He got so queasy he had to step away. Looks like I'll be the one doing all the slaughtering!

  3. That's what I was afraid of. Too much of his mom in him. :-)