Friday, July 10, 2015

Sad day and celebrations

This morning was a sad day on the farm.  We woke up to a sea of dead chickens across our yard.  All our top hats and Maran chickens are dead.  It was really quite sickening to see.  From the looks of the fur we see caught on the fence, it was our dog that did it through the night.
There is so much to be thankful for though.  We recently moved our Guinea and Easter Egg chickens out of that pen into a different area, so the devastation could have been much, much worse.  We also, thankfully, were hatching some of the Maran eggs in our garage and currently have 9 chicks that have hatched.  What a blessing that we will be able to replace our Maran population!
Needless to say, we don't have our dog anymore.
I guess it's part of life on a farm.  An unfortunately part....

In other news, we have a potty trained girl!!  She has gone (I guess a week now) with no accidents or even having to be told to go potty.  She always goes on her own!!  She hasn't been able to get through the night dry yet, but we will be working on that.  She loves her new underwear from Nana.  Thank  you Nana!

We also celebrated our boys' 10th birthday.  WOW!  Double digits!!  He's our farmer-in-the-making and loves the outdoors.  He does such a great job taking care of the animals.  He's also such a good big brother.  Happy birthday to our boy!  We love you!


  1. That is so-so sad but know those things are bound to happen. You just hate it when it does. Sorry to hear that all the wounded ones ended up dying as well. I was hoping that Elvis and Kenny Rogers had at least survived. Just thankful all your good egg laying one were safe. Glad our girl likes her underwear and that she has done so well with potty training. We are sure proud of her. Glad our birthday boy had a wonderful birthday and that we could be there to celebrate. We sure enjoyed the visit.

  2. That is a huge discouragement!! I feel so bad for you all. That must have been a terrible sight to see. You have put so much work and money into your chickens. Oh poor Roxy!!
    I'm thrilled to hear how well our girl has done. YEAH !!
    I'm waiting to see birthday pictures, and what you did for his cake.

    Love to you all