Thursday, July 2, 2015


   Trying to survive infancy as a chick is tough!  The odds are not in your favor.  We have now lost 6 chicks with only 3 surviving so far.  Last night, one of the 4 babies died (I'm assuming it was merely squished through the night under her mama).  One of the chicks that was hatching died as well.  So we have had 3 newborns die, and 3 die while hatching.  Mama hen is still sitting on a good 10-15 eggs or so, but we may have to move those indoors soon.  Those eggs are a week behind the already-hatched chicks, so Mama hen may stop setting soon to nurture her 3 babies that are already starting to get curious about their surroundings.  
   Hubby is working on the new chicken coop for all our egg laying chickens (as opposed to our fertilized mixed group of hens/rooster)   Hubby is currently working on the nesting boxes right now. We need to get the chicken run all fenced in.  Our Top Hats/Guinea/Easter Egg chickens are now moved into a bigger area.  They are enjoying that much better!!  Yesterday, we saw that one of the comets was running around with a baby snake in its mouth!!  Yikes.  Ohhhh how I hate snakes!  But I am glad they like to eat them :)
  All the other animals are doing well.  The ducks, geese and goats coming running up to the fence whenever anyone is outside.  They love interaction with people (especially if you bring food).  
   We've had a lot of rain lately, so our garden is really growing!  Our pumpkins are starting to form and we see some tomatoes.  The green beans are cucumbers are coming along well.  
  That's it for now.....

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