Sunday, July 26, 2015


   Getting around to posting a few pics.  Here are our new 'babies'.  I think we are already going to lose one, probably tomorrow.  It was weak from the time it arrived so I don't think that one will make it.  We have 15 Tophats in total.
    I baked up 2 more pumpkin today and got 4.5 cups of puree.  I guess I'll be making several loaves of pumpkin bread tomorrow!  We tried pumpkin pancakes and they were o.k.  Nothing spectacular.  I have cucumber coming out my ears!!!  I think next year we will only plant half a row!!  
   Here is a pic of our boys' cake.  Nothing spectacular again.....I was quite tired that day :)  Funny thing about it was I had it all done and was making room in the fridge for it.  As soon as I got it in there, a container of hummus fell right onto the cake landing on the '10' so I had some fixing up to do.
    I forgot to get a pic of all the rabbits we are watching.  We have one of the pens completely full of rabbit cages.  Quite the sight!  
   Our ducks are starting to mate.  I'm wondering if we are getting close to having them lay eggs.  We still haven't created any permanent nesting area for them so we need to get onto that soon!   

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  1. Thank you Alissa, I love the cake. You did a great job on it. Too bad about the fix up. :)

    That sure is a lot of cucumbers! I'm looking forward to pumpkin bread, but I think I'll skip the pumpkin pancakes.

    Love you