Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bad mommy days

The last several days have been rough. I don't know if it is still post pregnancy hormones or what!! I've been having some bad 'mommy' days which have involved several apologizes and hugs to the kids for being grumpy and snappy. At the end of the day I just want to kick myself in the pants for the example I have been. Several prayer sessions have involved tears before the Lord for failures of the day. Some days can feel just a little overwhelming :)
When you think of me I'd appreciate a quick prayer for a great day and a tender attitude....and if you know where I can find a 'super-mom' cape....tha'd be great!


  1. If you find that super-mom cape, let me know. I could use it too. :-) I can totally relate. I've had several of those days recently too, although the last couple of days have been better. It seems like I have to constantly tell both girls no and can't seem to get anything done because they are always getting into trouble. I just love nap time though. :-)

  2. Hi Sweetheart
    You are wearing the cape. you have to take the time to look at it.
    Love Dad.

  3. Oh make me cry! Love you :)

  4. Alissa.....I have to agree with your Dad.You do an amazing job parenting your children.You will always find days where you haven't got it all together,and you are overwhelmed by life.But it draws you closer to the Lord.You are handling it just as you should.You are rightly teaching your kids even through this.I am so proud of you.