Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How God works

**I'm still working on posting the video...for some reason blogger is not letting me post it**

Bear with me while I explain this story. It is just another way the Lord reveals Himself in interesting ways.
I have had a thyroid condition since I was about 14 years old or so. I take a daily pill for my thyroid function. For many years I was on the synthetic version of this pill. I also suffered with hives that would come and stay for 17 months at a time so I went to see a natural doctor for help, and she switched me to a more natural thyroid medication. I have really liked being on it all these years. Recently I have had a lot of trouble getting this medication. Today in fact, my family doctor (not the natural doctor) informed me they don't make it any more and I need to switch back to the synthetic stuff. This really disheartened me. Hubby got on the internet and started researching my medication and discovered there is a huge backorder on the stuff and it is hard to come by. So many restrictions have been put on this medication it is now hard to get (FDA trying to promote the synthetic stuff huh!!! making it difficult to buy natural). The website did say that the only place to find this medication would be at a compounding pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy???? As of a week ago I would have been defeated and switched back to the synthetic medication ........... BUT.........
A couple weeks back we took baby girl in for her one month check up. She was suffering with a cold and the pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic nasal drop. We went to 3 different pharmacy's and no one was able to fill this prescription. Finally we were told you need to go to a .......COMPOUNDING PHARMACY. We were sent to this tiny little shop that I had never seen before. Do you see how the Lord works???? Had our little one not gotten a cold, we would have been pursuaded to switch back to the synthetic medication with no idea of the alternative.
It may seem like a small thing to you, but to me it is just another way that my God reveals Himself to me and takes care of me. It gives me such joy to know I am important to Him!!!
How has God revealed himself to you lately??


  1. I also had to go to a pharmacy to have a compound drug made for me a couple of years ago.
    The Lord has blessed your dad and I with a beautiful kitchen which is basicly completed.We need to put the microwave in and one panel put in and we are done.It is great having updated cupboards.We also need to finish painting and put up new light fixtures.We are loving it.
    The Lord has blessed us with three wonderful children and of course their beautiful families.I have my parents still with us which is only of God.How thankful I am for them.I have my sister and brother living close by,and I am thankful for them.Then there is hubby,the smartest person I know.I am truely blessed to have him in my life.
    I know,you didn't want a book.

  2. I have to have a compound medication that is made for especially for me. I go to Fowlers Pharmacy on Laurens Road. You may want to call them and see if they can make your special compound for you. I am praying for success for you finding what you need !! :)