Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm very pleased with the how the cake turned out. I tried this new fondant...buttercream fondant from Fondarific. I'm excited to see how it tastes! I had most of it finished last night and added some final touches today. I think the birthday girl is happy :)
We also took baby girl to her appointment today. She was almost 2 pounds heavier since her last appoinment 2 weeks ago. I was getting a little worried about her spitting up so much and not eating for long periods of time, but I guess she isn't suffering!!! She now has the cold we all had last week. She is so congested and sounds awful. I'm hoping she doesn't get a fever with it and the doctor gave us some antibiotic nose drops to prevent sinus infection. Hopefully she will get through this rather quickly and not be too bothered with it.
Here are some pics of the cake!!


  1. Oh.........I want some to!!!!! Wow!!!! The cake is fantastic.But of course I knew it would be.It looks so big.You will have to let me know all about it.It looks like 4 layers.What are the towers made of?You out did yourself and she sure is worth it.I trust everything will go well tonight and you will all have a fun time together.
    I trust our wee girl will be over her cold soon and glad to hear she gained weight.

  2. The towers are paper towel rolls and it is 3 layers of cake. I should have made the towers out of Rice Krispie treats so they would be edible but I didn't have enough time for that.

  3. I was wondering if there were any pictures from the party you were going to share with us.I would really like to see some if you have any.Hope our wee girl is feeling better today.

  4. I love the castle cake!! You did an excellent job. Tell me more about the fondant. Did it taste better? Roll out smoothly? I used buttercream fondant on d's birthday cake last year and it threw me fits. Was really sticky. I will have to check your link for it to see how it is made!

  5. Alissa.........where are you? *smile*
    It's not like you have anything else to do*smile*