Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's actually more ice than anything but this is our first real snowfall of the season. The kids were so anxious to get out in it! We used plastic tub lids as sleds and 2 out of the 3 of them were having fun. Our 2 year old was not impressed :) We then took a walk around the block, got bright red cheeks, and came home and filled our belly's with warm hot chocolate. The kids can't wait to get back out in it! Here are several pics.


  1. Hi All
    Welcome to Canada like weather. It is bomby -11c here today with a wind chill of -18to21.
    Love Dad

  2. Great photos... the one of Kailey is my favourite! Yeah, balmy, hah! I was totally wussy yesterday and drove the kids to school. I'm glad your kids got to enjoy the snow!

  3. Hi Alissa
    I mean "bomby" because I am ready to explode from the cold. I may freeze up any minute. I cannot wait for Spring.

  4. Looks like the two oldest are having lots of fun.I do like the picture of the oldest on her sled.:>) Too bad our little guy didn't enjoy himself.Where were the sleding pictures taken?Still no picture of my girl! Did hubby enjoy the snow?

  5. the pics are out in the front church tomorrow either cause of all the ice!

  6. Those are very nice pictures! Glad most everyone enjoyed the snow! :)