Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 months

Our girl had her 2 month checkup yesterday and I had to laugh when the doctor said "she's not lacking in nutrition is she?!".....she has gained 3 lbs. since last month making her 12lbs now. Her cheeks are still as chubby as ever and I love squishing them :) I think she is going through a growth spurt right now cause she is feeding alot!! She still has her cold with lots of congestion, poor girl. Hopefully towards the end of the week we will all be finished with it.

I've also received my books from I would highly suggest any homeschooling mom go and look through their resources. I am almost done reading "Homeschooling with a meek and quiet spirit" WOW.....She is so transparent with her emotions and struggles as a homeschooling mom in the early years especially. I am so thankful for her insight and testimony. I already feel like I'm getting on the right path. Right away she made it clear that you need quiet time with the Lord, in His Word, memorizing scripture....something I have been lacking for awhile. She says getting up a little early and spending those few precious moments with the Lord can give you more strength through the day than the extra hour of sleep you think you need to make it through the day. She also said the hardest times for her was when she had a nursing baby (a mother of eight!) She just put my mind at ease about so many struggles and that I'm not the only one feeling the way I do. It was such an encouragement and gave me a renewed drive that I can accomplish this with God's help. I also recieved my chore packs and scheduling materials. I'm just so excited to go through and get this all set up with hubby's help. There are also some great resources for your hubby! Go check out their website!!

Here are a few pictures of baby girl yesterday. 2 months old...


  1. I am encouraged,that you are encouraged.:>) I trust that the testimony and information you have received will really help. That your outlook and daily work will be brighter and more cheery.It really is the best start to the day putting Christ first.
    Our girl looks very healthy and very much a L.Not much if any S. I see in her.

  2. Hi Alyssia,
    I love seeing the photos of all your beautiful children...what a blessing. I just had to tell you that I also have read the Maxwell's devotionals/workbooks (about a year ago now), but I am constantly re-reading 'Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spririt'. I find their stuff very practical and helpful, as I am sure you will too. I can't say that I am completely on a 'schedule' as she suggests (I find that it can be hard to keep with so many little ones), but I have a good framework and I am working towards that goal as I can see the value in such a time efficient and procudtive life. I will chat again soon sometime, I enjoy keeping updated on you and your family. God Bless.
    Cheryl Charlton and family

  3. I know I will be re-reading that book over the years. It would probably be a good idea to read it at the beginning of each school year!! I truely enjoyed her book and look forward to getting some sort of 'schedule' set up!

  4. So glad our baby girl had a great checkup. I love the close-up pictures of her. So Sweet!!! Glad you found such a great book and are encouraged by it. I couldn't imagine homeschooling 3 and having a baby to take care of,too! I did good to homeschool my two!:) Keep up the great work. You're doing just fine.