Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been trying to post a video all week and for some reason blogger is giving me lots of problems. It is quite frustrating!!
School is going well. We are getting a good amount accomplished throughout the day. I'm still working on my master schedule and our chore chart...but have started implementing some stuff already into our day.
I have also FINALLY sent out my naturalization papers to become a citizen. It will be good to finally have that all complete. Hopefully the process won't take too long....I need to start studying for the big test :)
Other than that, we are doing well. Everyone is over their colds for the most part. Baby is still congested though. Hubby is also going for surgery this Tuesday. He always gets anxious leading up to it. Hopefully his hoarseness will go away too. He has been having trouble talking for awhile now. I don't know if it is related to his condition or not. I guess we'll see if he improves after surgery.
Now off to bed....

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  1. I'm glad school is going along well for you.Glad also to hear you have your paper work done and sent out for your citizenship.We're happy to hear the colds are almost gone.Hoping babys congestion will clear up soon,poor sweetie.Trust everything goes well with hubby on Tues.and that the hoarseness will clear up also.It would be wonderful if the doctors could come up with a permanent solution to his condition.We will be praying for you all.