Monday, February 22, 2010

Proud Mama

Our 2 year old loves watching the kids do their puzzles. He is always getting in their way (annoying them!) because he wants to 'help'. He doesn't want his wooden puzzles anymore....too easy!!! *grin* But I didn't want him getting into the big kid puzzles and losing today, after trying to 'help' big brother with his World Map puzzle, I allowed him to try it on his own. I sat in amazement as I watched this little boys' mind process each piece..... He did a whole 24 piece puzzle on his own. He was so excited and smiled as we all praised his great effort (and he enjoyed his M&M's reward as well). Now onto the 60 piece puzzles huh??!!!


  1. Hi
    Smart like his Grandpa

  2. Way to go sweetheart!!!!!You showed them didn't you.My grandchildren are so smart.Who did they get it from?Oh yeah,Grandpa!!!!!!Sweet pictures.

  3. Our little one keeps doing amazing things, doesn't he?! That is wonderful how he picks things up so well. All the pictures were cute but I especially love the last one. It's as if to say, "See-- I told you I could do it!" Thanks for sharing.