Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not again

Here we go again with yet ANOTHER cold!!! This has been the the third or fourth one in about 6 months. Just waiting to see how bad it gets for the baby. So far hubby has had it bad. He always seems to get the worst of it (I think it is because of his throat condition).....the kids sound bad but still have energy to play. It's just at night when they really start to complain. Not sure how bad it will get for baby and me...we are at the beginning stages. Despite all the vitamins and sanitizer we use...I just don't understand how we continually get sick!!
Hubby is going for a throat appointment on Monday. We will set up another surgery date. We don't even count anymore how many surgeries he's had. We stopped after surgery number 11 :) Baby also has her 2 month appointment on Tuesday. Can you believe she's already 2 months old!!
We also got our taxes done this week. It was the first time we had a professional do it since there were so many unknowns this year (self employed, pulling money out of 401K etc....) We came out with a refund though!! Didn't think that was going to happen :) She found sooooo many things that we had no clue about.....that will help towards surgery bills!
Well, baby calls.....

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  1. Well your not the only ones sick.Your Dad had the flu.Really bad Thur.night and all day Fri.He is feeling better today.Last night was bad for me,hardly no rest.It was bad this morning till noonish.I'm so hungry but afraid to eat.Hoping tomorrow will see the end of it.Alanna and the boys are sick as well.
    I hope you are all feeling better soon.Love you all.