Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok...all I can say is CRAZY!!! It is sure taking me longer to get adjusted to a new way of scheduling these days. I'm just trying to work out a good school schedule that is 'baby' and 'toddler' friendly allowing me to be flexible when I need to....and without pulling my hair out!! This year I think is extra hard with adding another child full time for homeschooling and a baby. A friend today directed to a great website which I think is going to save my sanity *grin* I've ordered a few of their books - "Managers of their Homes"and "Managers of their schools" ... 2 that I'm really eager to read. I think that is my biggest problem right now .... organization!! If I can get a good schedule down where the kids know what is expected of them and when it is expected, and I know what is required of me that day.....that will cut down on much of the stress. I think it is very true that the more kids you have the more organzied you need to be organized in order to function properly!! I am often amazed at these big families who seem to have it together for the most part....organization being a key factor. Maybe that will even give me more time to blog...haha!


  1. I agree! My sister has 7 kids ages 8 and under and I can tell that organization helps her a LOT! She got the 'managers of their homes' and she enjoys it. I have "Managers of Their Chores" and love it! I've gotten kinda slack though with their chore time and need to work on being more consistent with their chore times. I'll be praying that you can figure out a 'plan' :)

  2. I forgot to ask- are those clothes good?