Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun and not so fun

I'll start with the fun stuff first. Here are some pics of what the kids love doing outside! Catching grasshoppers. They do not like, however, when the grasshoppers pee on them as a defense mechanism :) But they still go after them and love running to show mommy and daddy their finds!

On the not so fun side, I have had one HORRIBLE headache for 5 days now. I took Tylenol 3 days in a row, but am really trying not to take anymore (for baby's sake). When you think of me, please pray this headache (and neck pain) will go away. It's worse than the typical sinus headache I usually's been rough :)


  1. Alissa do you have any other symptoms of anything, or just a continuing headache? Just wondering? Praying the Lord will remove the headache. I feel so bad for you sweetheart.

    Nice pictures of the kids having fun with their little friends. "yuck"!!!!
    Love you bunches!!!

  2. I pulled/strained/hurt a muscle directly behind my earlobe...looked it up on the internet and it is connected to the nerves in the brain, thus the horrible headache. I think it was from sleeping on the air mattress over the weekend. Wasn't very comfortable. Probably need to see a chiropractor :( Had to take another tylenol I was in such pain.

  3. So sorry you're still having the headache! I definitely feel for you. Some of my headaches can do me in like my Sunday one! Hopefully, you can find a good chiropractor up there. We're praying for you.

    Loved the pictures! Top picture seems like the grasshopper was behaving for our girl. Middle picture- it might have used its defense mechanism on our boy. Third picture- our boy is wondering if it is going to use its defense mechanism. Just my observations. :)

    Love to you all

  4. Praying for you not FUN...trusting it to break soon;)Will be praying for you today!!