Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some pics

Now that I can download my pictures and post them....I'm not sure what to post about first!! I thought I'd start with our poor girl. This happened yesterday and I'm not even really sure what happened. All I saw was our 4 year old falling flat on top of our girl and I think she was holding a G.I.Joe type toy which must have been squished up against her eye. She was NOT a happy camper and cried for awhile afterward. It has continued to get worse and more purple, poor girl. I'm hoping the swelling has finally stopped because soon she won't be able to see!! She is very happy today though and only gets upset when she is tired and tries to rub her eye....must really hurt! She won't let her brother forget either because several times she has gone up to him, patting him on the chest and pointing to her eye. Kinda funny!


  1. Hi Little One
    Come live with Grandpa, he won't beat you up

  2. Oh..... it does look sore. Poor baby. Thankfully it wasn't any worse. She's still a cutie though even with her eye half closed. And lovely dress too I may add.*smile*

  3. Our poor girl!! Her eye looks so sore in the pictures but she did seem to be doing pretty well tonight on the video. That was funny how she wouldn't let her brother forget. :)

    That was great news to hear yesterday regarding all is well with the baby!!!