Monday, October 24, 2011

more pics of Saturday

A few more snake pics from my friends camera........

Here are more pictures from our trip to the Creation Museum with our friends. Our girl has loved camels ever since she was very, very little, so I was excited for her to be able to ride one!! This is Gomer and the kids enjoyed their bumpy ride very much :)


  1. Hi
    The children must take after their Grandpa L. I hate snakes no touchy touchy for me.
    Love Dad

  2. These are really nice pictures. I'm glad the kids had so much fun. I loved seeing our girl on the camel. That must have been very special for her. In the second last pic it looks like our little guy has a snake in his hand.... yes? I trust you are feeling better,no more headache. Take care sweetheart,love you all.

  3. Snake toy... only a bit of grief over that toy all weekend, right? :) We are so glad we came. We enjoyed the planetarium show and the snakes the best. Yes, the kids take after the L side because Ben was ready to hold the baby crocodile and the presenter was a little startled and didn't expect it! What a great time, so happy to visit and see you guys. The kids are ready to skype and were excited to tell their grandparents all about the trip. A liked littlest girl saying good-bye a lot!

  4. Great Pictures!!! Thanks so much for sharing. So glad the kids had such a great time!