Monday, October 3, 2011


Yesterday we went to our first church service here. We enjoyed so much about the little place we went. There were about 40-45 people (more children than adults!!) and it was an integrated service which means the children of all ages stay in service (no children's ministry). What a wonderful environment!!! An 11 year old girl came and sat beside our daughter and shared her hymnbook with her throughout the song service. In just the short time after church, the kids met so many children and had fun playing while we talked with other couples. There are 3 men that go there that work at hubby's work. It was nice meeting their families :) Everyone was soooooo friendly, even the children. We had young kids coming up to us introducing themselves and asking our names. All the kids were so well behaved through the service. Only a few little ones (under 2) went upstairs with their mommies during the service. They have a room with baby monitors so you can still hear the message if you have to take your child out. The pastor during his message would stop at an important part and address the children, explaining what something meant, or how it would affect them as they get older etc. It was just sooooo neat! We really enjoyed it. Our daughter asked when we were going back....I think they liked it too!!


  1. Hi Alissa
    I am so glad that you enjoyed the church service. It would not be a church for me where the pastor explains everything to the children.Sounds like you will be getting the milk of the word instead of meat, but we are all different.Looking forward to knowing what the sex of the baby is. you can delete my comment if it upsets you.
    love dad.

  2. I love your dad! He makes me smile, after singing in Latin! I hope you are enjoying your retirement if you read this.

    Anyway, very interesting style of service. I can see some benefits either way. We would like to arrange what weekend you would like us to come down. The kids are looking forward to it. Let us know what works. We'll have to check out this little church with you. :)

  3. I'm not sure if our kids are even getting milk;) The meat of our service includes picking a random word like "sacrifice" then learning how to say it in Greek, then reading every piece of scripture that mentions it. Sadly to say, we turn to radio to get our meat.

  4. I am really happy that you enjoyed the Sunday service at your first church. Did you attend the evening service as well? Nice to hear that it's a friendly church and you got to meet some nice people. Glad to hear that the kids met some other children as well. Continued prayers for selling the house and more suitable living arrangements. It was wonderful seeing you all and spending time with you. Love you sweetheart.