Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today's pics

Today's pics are from yesterday morning. I came downstairs and started to take the sheet down from our backyard french doors (no curtains on it yet) and there was a female deer staring right at me!! This one the kids nicknamed dandelion (don't ask me!!!) She stayed in the yard for over 20 mins just grazing and watching was awesome! Even when the kids were noisy at the door, she would just lift her head and look at us. What finally got her to leave, you ask???? The video explains it all :)

Here's some pics.....This is Fred

This is Dandelion


  1. I'm Coming For Dinner

  2. oh that is mean.... LOL (joking to your Dad's comment)

    Have you put out any food or a salt lick for the deer? My sister has deer coming to her yard all the time. I am so jealous, but happy for you guys!

  3. Our neighbor says they put out bird feeders and the deer will have the food gone by morning! We have seen 2 others going into the subdivision, so they are plentious around here! But NONE for eating :) Besides Grandpa....the kids say you don't have a gun anyway...hahah.

  4. Licking my lips getting ready for deer burgers and venison steak. Grandpa may not have a gun, but I'm sure Ben does... :)

  5. That is so exciting!!!!! I love to watch wild animals up close. We get a bunny every now and then,but that's ok. I wish I could be there and see Fred, Dandelion,and any others that may come. I wonder what else could be lurking over the hill? Thanks for sharing.

  6. That is so neat to be able to enjoy the deer!!! When talking the other night, I didn't realize you had gotten a video of the cat chasing the deer. I played that several times just chuckling away each time. I felt sorry for Dandelion but it was so funny the way she was minding her business when out of nowhere came the cat and spooked her.

  7. Hi Alissa
    That deer looks so tame you could have it run into the cooking pot. When you retire every free meal is good.
    Love Dad