Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good day!

Today I had my first prenatal appointment here.....yes, we are expecting #5!! We heard the beautiful sound of a heart beating and our big girl was even asked to assist the doctor today :) He was a very nice man (who is expecting their 4th child) and he asked if any of the kids wanted to help find a heartbeat. Our girl JUMPED at the chance with much excitement!! Our estimated due date is around April 15 which puts me at 13 weeks right now. We have a divided household with sisters wanting another sister, and brothers wanting another brother. They'll have to wait about 8 more weeks to find out!


  1. Glad to hear it went well! That's such a relief to be into the second trimester.

  2. I love a doctor that includes the children in the prenatal visit.

    I am due on the 14th.. I hope you feel so much better soon. I am sure we are both ready for some energy and no nausea/vomiting!

    This is so awesome!!!

  3. Hi Alissa
    It is a good thing we read your blog or we would be wondering what the sex was.

  4. Hi Alissa
    I read it wrong. sorry.You know you are getting old when you cannot read anymore. Forgive me
    Your old Dad.

  5. I was about to tell you 'our girl' meant our BIG girl :) She got to find the heartbeat using the doppler device today and she loved it! It was so nice of the doctor to get the kids involved.

  6. My goodness, what a Blessing. We didn't know you were expecting!! We will be praying for you all in every facet of your new lives !! God is GOOD !! :)

  7. Alissa,I am thrilled you got to see the Dr. and all is well. Great doctor you have. How fun that would have been for her to find the baby's heartbeat. Glad it was a good day for you all. You can feel a little more at ease now.
    Love Mom