Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yesterday (and today)

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful out, so I grabbed the camera and took some pics. I still have trouble playing with the lighting and figuring out where the sun should be situated to reduce shadowing but overall they turned out nice :)
**added a few more taken today.

And to update on the headache....yes it is gone for the most part now. Thank you all for asking (and praying). I get dizzy though whenever I lay down which I know is a symptom of pregnancy, I've just never had it with any of my other ones! Sunday at church I had to hang on to hubby's arm because I suddenly was hit with it for some reason.


  1. I loved all the pictures!!! Great photography! It does look like you had a beautiful day and looks like everyone enjoyed being outside.

    So glad to hear that your headache is pretty well gone. Hope the dizziness won't get any worse and hopefully will go away soon. We'll pray for that.

    Love you all

  2. The pictures are great,loved them all!!!! It does look like you are having nice weather. Jacket time here. I wore my sandals as long as I dared,then my toes started getting cold.*smile*

    I'm glad to hear your headache is gone and trust your dizziness will not last long.

    How is the schooling going? Back on track yet?
    Love you all so much.