Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick update

I won't be posting a whole lot over the weekend. We have friends from Canada coming to visit today for the weekend. We'll be heading to the museum tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get some good pictures!!
My horrible headache is doing so much better today. Thank you to those who were praying. I had hubby massage my neck and the sore muscle (which was very painful). It brought my headache on really strong as we headed to bed but this morning I think it actually worked some! I've been icing and heating it throughout the day, so hopefully it will get worked out within the next few days :)
So I'm praying we will have a really good weekend, no pain and hopefully little morning sickness (at 15 weeks I'm still battling it each morning)....but on a side note, I think I'm actually feeling little movements!! How awesome :)


  1. We are so thankful to hear your headache is doing better! We'll continue to pray it goes completely away. So happy to hear you've felt the baby move. That is always so exciting! We hope you'll have a wonderful time this weekend and we'll look forward to seeing the pictures.

    Love you all

  2. Thank you for the update on your headache. How wonderful you got to feel the baby moving. Have a great weekend sweetheart.
    Love Mom