Sunday, January 1, 2012

Home again

After another trip to see more family, we are safely home and ready to start back into our routine again! I must say I've enjoyed the week break from schooling :) I feel refreshed and ready to begin with the kids again.

Baby is getting really active! Lots of visable kicks and squirms. I have another ultrasound next visit...yay! 15 weeks to go still seems like such a long way off (especially since I'm already feeling so tired and out of breath!!)

We've also got a birthday this week....9 years old for our girl. So hard to believe that she is blossoming into such a young lady!

Well, I think it will be off to bed early tonight....need to catch up on some naps I missed over the holdiays :)


  1. I wasn't sure which way you went- north or south, but then on looking at Jess' blog, now I know! :) Miss chatting with you on the phone.

  2. We're so glad you had a safe trip back home. Also, we were so happy you got to come down and spend a few days with us!!! We enjoyed it so much and now we miss all the little pitter-patter! Glad you did get a little break from the schooling. We hope you will be able to catch up on your sleep now as things were pretty busy while you were here.

    Yes, it is amazing how quickly 9 years have flown by and our girl is quite the young lady!!!

    Love to you all

  3. Glad you are home safely. I guess we all can get back into our routines now that the holidays are over. Happy you enjoyed your break from school and are ready to tackle it once again. This is going to be quite a year for us as we welcome new additions to the family.
    Our girl is sure looking grown up,and truly is a beautiful young lady. Looking forward to seeing her birthday pictures. I know you will do a great job on her cake. These nine years have just flown by way too quickly. Love you all.