Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Not a whole lot to update on here.
Our 4 yr old is still doing a GREAT job with his words!! We are done all the short 'a' words and will be going on to short 'e' next. Last night daddy thought he deserved a treat for catching on so quickly. He read all his words to daddy and then asked me to give him one hard word to figure out. I gave our boy a 4 letter short 'a' word to solve and it was so cute watching him :) He sat and said it over and over and over aloud. Then it hit him! "FLAG!!! It's says flag!" Oh...too cute! He got half a chocolate bar.

We also went and got our girls' 2 year birthday pics done at Walmart. This was right before we left. We ended up with a great picture.....I'm so excited! Now to get our 9 year old's pics done sometime......


  1. I am so glad to hear that our sweet boy is doing so well with his words. But half a chocolate bar,come on,it should have been a whole one.*smile*
    What a darling picture of our precious girl!! How soon can I get one? Oh yeah soon!! We will be looking forward to seeing our big girls picture as well. Thanks for sharing Alissa.

  2. That is such an adorable picture of our girl!!! I love it!

    Thrilled to hear how well our boy is doing, too. I can just see him trying to figure out the word.

    The format for the comment section looks like it has changed a bit.

    Love to you all