Sunday, January 29, 2012


We were all able to go to church today. Everyone is doing well! Hubby and I have a mild cold, but kids seem to be doing well. Now lets pray it stays that way :) I don't know what they add to antibiotics to make it taste good, but our girl loves it.....makes giving it to her a whole lot easier than having to fight to get it in her.
Other updates:
Our big girl has discovered the Mandie series books. I used to read them when I was young. I found a few on ebay last year and she is zipping through the ones we have. She is on her fifth book in just a couple days!

Our little guy seems to be doing well with his arm. There have been no complaints about pain lately, even when we press on it. I don't know if it was just a bad sprain or a fracture, but if he shows any signs of pain we will take him in to be looked at.
Baby's activity seems to be decreasing a little. She must be getting a little cramped in there now. We have a little over 10 weeks to go....seems so far away!
Thank you again for all the prayers during our 'sick' period. After seeing our little one looking so sickly for such a while, it warms my heart to see a smile on her face and playing with her siblings once again.


  1. PRAISE GOD!!!!! We certainly have been worried about our girl and the little guy. So thankful she is doing better,and enjoyed taking her medicine. Prayer is so powerful,especially when there are so many people praying. Also glad to hear the wrist is not painful anymore. Trust you will all be healthy once again soon!!
    I love to hear how the kids enjoy reading.
    Hoping you all get much needed rest from all the anxiety you were going through. Thank you for the update sweetheart. Love to all of you.

  2. I second that! Praise God you all seem to be on the mend! Hope everyone stays healthy for the next few months as you get ready to welcome another sweet little life into your family!

  3. I third it, if there is such a thing!:D Seriously, what a blessing to hear the good news about our girl and boy!!! We trust that today was a good day as well!

    Love you all