Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm tired

I'm tired physically....I'm tired of our kids being sick :)....I'm tired of no sleep!! I can see some doctors appointments in our future this week I think. Our littlest one has a high fever (104) for the past 2 days/nights (therefore, no sleep for mommy!!) Our little guy has a horrible cough that's keeping him up and is developing a fever now. He also may have a fracture in his arm (long story....he was twirling around in the livingroom with his arms out, he hit I'm thinking the wooden arm of the futon...HARD!....It's going on 2 weeks now and it still makes him cry if anyone touches his wrist the wrong way) we really need to get an xray for that to be sure! Our oldest has what sounds like bronchitis but is doing well otherwise. Daddy and our oldest boy seem to be fine at the moment. I have a mild version of a cold or whatever it is the kids are fighting. Our littlest one has been permanently attached to my side for 2 days. It doesn't help that LAST week she had a fever as well (I thought it was due to 3 molars coming in).....

I'm going to try to grab a few more winks :)


  1. Sorry to hear about all the sickness! Praying that everyone gets well soon and that you and Hubby stay healthy!

  2. OH MY! (that's about all I can say) Still praying for you guys, especially regarding the house. Now I'll add all your ailments too!

  3. Sorry sweetheart to hear your having so much sickness. I trust our little guys wrist is only sprained. Praying you will get the rest you need,and that everyone sick will be feeling better soon. It is times like this I wish I was closer to help out. Take care my precious girl. Love Mom

  4. What a hard time this has to be for you right now!!! We're praying for you all. We sure wish that we could help!

    Love and prayers to you all