Thursday, January 12, 2012


A view of our backyard right now :) Kids are happy!


  1. Kids always seem to love the snow - it is just us seniors that find it difficult - we are supposed to get another snowfall tonight so got the shovel already to go lol. I think at one point they said up to 10 cm. but the weather network says only up to 5 so I guess that won't be too bad.
    Love to read your blog and keep up with what everyone it doing.
    Love to all

  2. Sure looks like the kids are enjoying the snow!! We have had rain like conditions today,almost no snow around at all. Of course that will change. Love you!!

  3. Hi
    Come to London the Banana Belt of Canada.No snow Jan.12th.
    Love it

  4. Glad the kids got to enjoy the snow even though it didn't last very long. They wouldn't have had any snow down here! Thanks for sharing and love to you all