Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New babies

We've had 2 babies born to ladies at our church over the past week.....both boys. And I still have over 3 months to go........
It was funny today as I put our 2 youngest down for a nap. I laid down with our boy until he fell asleep and he said "hey, she's kicking me" belly was against his back :)


  1. Congrats to your friends(so fun)...and hey, your almost there,girl-- hang in and enjoy all those kicks while they last*grin*....nice that big brother got to feel some too;) least its not 7+more months*SMILE*.We will certainley continue forth in prayer for you(s) there.Take care!!!

  2. All this baby news is so exciting!! I'm glad our sweet boy got to feel the kicks of his little sister before she arrives. Trust you are all doing well. Looking forward to our girls birthday pictures."Happy 9th Birthday" sweetheart!!!! Grandma loves you sooooo much.

  3. Hi
    I just watched and burned to DVD your wedding tape and now my eyes are all wet. Your speech was a tear jerk-er.
    Love Dad

  4. Dad - I don't even remember what I said!! Can't wait to watch that one again :)

  5. Baby Boy kicks his daddy in the back just about every night. :-) That's neat that Big Brother got to feel the kicks.