Friday, January 27, 2012

Prayers and update

Pray for our littlest one please. This is the third weekend in a row that she's had a fever. Tonight it has spiked up to 104 again. She was fever free Wed. and Thurs. and all of today, but tonight before bed she suddenly got very clingy and sick looking again. We will be heading back to the doctor tomorrow morning to see what is going on.

Update: Well...we came out of the office with antibiotics and no answers :) She has clear lungs, alot of drainage, ears look fine, she looks healthy otherwise's some medicine to get rid of the infection!
The only thing he really said was she is the youngest and as you have more children, the younger ones seem to catch more things. He also said in the future we could do some follow up visits to see if her immune system is reacting to her vaccinations or rejecting them etc. He said there really isn't a concern about chronic diseases (she has had 20 colds in 25 months) like tuberculosis or cystic fibrosis because children with those usually aren't thriving physically as well (and we have a very plump, I mean healthy, looking girl!) He said it isn't Mono, and we don't need to worry about pneumonia or chest infection because her lungs sound very healthy, it is all in her throat right now.
What do you do???? I hate seeing her sick sooo often. She never gets just a mild cold either, it is always a croupy cold or deep chest cough...even if the other kids all seem fine.
I'm glad it's nothing serious. She is playful and active today so I'm happy :)


  1. We're praying for our precious girl that the doctor will be able to know what's going on and find a remedy for it. Also, we're praying for you and the rest of the family. We know how stressful it can be when sickness lingers on.

    our love and prayers to you

  2. Oh my precious girl,what you must be going through!!! To have some relief and hope, only to have it back again. Praying God will give wisdom to the doctor as he checks out our sweet girl once again. Praying and trusting the Lord to give health and strength back to those in need,and that our little guys wrist is feeling a little better. How wonderful it is to take all our needs and concerns to God in prayer. Love you all.

  3. AWWWW-it seems so sad when any of the children is sick. I know you would do anything for her to feel better. I am very happy that she did have 2 days with no fever. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers every night for good and renewed health for all. I am glad that she had a good day yesterday when she was happy and playful. Praying the antibiotics will work well and she will regain her strength and begin a new week with NO FEVER and less to NO DRAINAGE. Do you all have a cool-air vaporizer?? That did and does wonders for all of us, by keeping moisture in the room, it is so much easier to breathe, whether you are sick or well. It is such a blessing that you can be home with them all when they are sick/hurting so you can love, cuddle and get them what they need/want. I know it must, be hard also, when you feel tired not to have much help until Ben gets home. GOD IS GOOD!! We will continue to pray that your house will sell soon. What a BLESSING that would be. Love, prayers, hugs and thanksgiving. :)

  4. Hi
    I believe in doctors and we need them. It really makes me mad when they give you antibiotics and really don't know what they are dealing with. This is one of the reasons for the SUPER BUG you get medication regardless. We will have to pray harder and longer that God will heal her.The Persistent Prayer.
    Love Dad

  5. Oh my goodness sweetheart! Maybe you should try another doctor? (just a thought) It is so frustrating when you can't find out what is giving her a high temperature. How is her cough,better or worse? Continued prayers honey for all of you.
    Do you think a x-ray is needed for our little guy to make sure no bones are broken?
    Trust you all get a good nights sleep tonight.
    My love to all of you.

  6. It must be so frustrating for you all:(
    So sorry you are going through this time in your lives right now. I am certain God has something good in store for you all in these weeks ahead....hang tight!---still praying for that house of yours too*grin*.Wish we could do more....take care and make sure you are getting some rest mama;)