Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bridal shower

I'm off to a bridal shower tonight and here is the cake. Her colors are a silver blue with pink accents. I tried a few new things this time around. I used silver dust on the roses and played with ribbon. I ran some ribbon around the sides of the cake and made a ribbon center piece.


  1. Hi Alissa
    I want cake

  2. Yummy!!!!! I want cake too!!!!! I like the silver dusting on the roses. It's fun coming up with new ideas and material to use on the cakes. I'm sure she will love the cake. Now you can rest from cakes for 22 or 23 days. :-)
    How nice it would to have you make a certain 90th birthday cake,but I know that's impossible so far away. Anyway have fun tonight.

  3. Girl,you make great cakes....take care and enjoy!

  4. Beautiful as always! I love the dust. I just bought some for Johanna's cake. It really puts a nice shine to the roses.

  5. Hi
    Grandpa wishes you all the best this weekend and loves you all.