Friday, December 31, 2010

My year in review

Sitting here thinking back throughout 2010 brings much to my mind. I have changed in many ways. I have experienced much and grown in many different ways which has brought me excitement and peace.

I look back on our school year as a homeschooled family. I have absolutely LOVED this year more than all the rest so far. I had read a quote from someone earlier this year that said Christian homes that homeschool incorporate biblical truths into their teaching and call it 'Christian education'. That was the way I was doing it! This person pointed out that our goal should be the other way around....We teach the Bible and incorporate educational skills (reading, math, etc) into our Bible teaching. That really struck me!! I was very focused on the next test, the grades, the accomplishments that proved I was doing a good job as a teacher. I made sure our subjects were always Bible based, but focused much on the progress being made. I took a big step back and re-evaluated our year ahead. I gradually changed my thinking and approach to school and felt such a joy and peace in my teaching. Our emphasis changed from academics to growing in the Lord, learning how to study God's Word, how to pray, who is this Almighty Holy God we serve..... We started learning Bible Greek as a family which has been such a fun experience for all of us! Our devotion time grew to a deeper more intimate time together....we moved from bedtime devotions where children's minds were wandering, to fellowshipping together after supper, at the table, where they concentrated and were more interactive. I have seen growth in our children spiritually which is exciting. Our daughter and I have been doing a bible study in Revelation which we are both enjoying so much! We both look forward to these series of studies to do together, and the opportunity I get to share with her all about the greatness of our God.

I look at myself and how much I have changed through this year. I felt I was just 'floating' along in my Christian life, reaching out to God in my spare moments of a hectic, busy life with 4 children. I clung to truths that I had grown up with but never really ventured out to study for myself. I came to a point where I needed to start digging and allow God to lead me through His Word and teach me. It has been such an exciting journey so far!! I have a joy like I have never felt before. My eyes are being opened to wonderful things that have brought me such peace and contentment. I have such a longing to see my Saviour like I never have before. I have such wonderful moments with my Lord when I am alone. I want to learn understand as much as I can about His Sovereignty, His Holiness.

I look at my family, how we have grown in number! How blessed we have been with our baby girl this year. There was a time when I never thought children were going to be possible for us. The longing and desire I had to be a mother. The road has not been easy but ooohhh how rewarding!! They are all such a blessing to us and more than I could have ever prayed for! We give God our family to multiply as He sees fit. May each child He grants us bring glory to His name!! I have seen such growth in my husband during the year. His leadership growing stronger and his desire to see each of us grow spiritually. He loves me with an indescribable love. I can not put into words how he makes me feel to be his wife. He loves me through Christ...that's all I can say!

We have had such a blessed year. God has met our every need. We give Him all the glory for what He is accomplishing in and through us.

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  1. Happy New Year to you all. Pray Gods' blessing upon each and everyone of you as we enter 2011. May our Christian walk be pleasing in His sight as we serve our wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    Love, Mom