Monday, December 13, 2010


Here are some videos from the Christmas rehersal. We ended up video taping the whole program on our camcorder (not camera) so I don't have that to post. You can see the kids choir on my sister-in-law's page from the actual Christmas program. Here are 2 takes from the rehersal. I had to post both because the first one is so cute of our little guy swaying back and forth through the whole song. The second video is when 2 more kids showed up for practice.

This is our daughter and her friend singing their duet at rehersal. I didn't focus properly beforehand so it is a little fuzzy.


  1. They are all so precious!!! What a wonderful job they did on their singing.I'm sure your daughter looked lovely in her dress also. Thank you for sharing Alissa. I can't wait to see/hear the rest of the evenings talent.

    Have a great time together tonight celebrating our little ones birthday. Can't wait to see pictures.:-)

  2. Thanks for sharing all the videos!!! The kids all did great!