Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Today we started off the day making a nativity scene out of cut outs. The kids enjoyed that and played with the figures for awhile afterwards! It will be used tomorrow as we read the Christmas story.
Traditions around our home during the Christmas holidays continue to grow. This year the kids really wanted to have a birthday cake for today we are busy baking a cake and I always get excited about decorating!! Just a hint for you....I made edible pine cones!!! I LOVE them :) We'll post the picture when it is finished.
Christmas Eve we let the kids open one small present in the evening. This year the 2 older kids used their own money to buy each other a gift (the 2 younger ones are swapping gifts too). They are soooo excited to give each other what they have chosen for them.
Christmas morning we read the Christmas story, sing 'Happy Birthday to Jesus' (from the CD Peanut Butter Christmas by Ron Hamilton), they open their stockings and then their presents. We will be enjoying the afternoon with family for dinner. I don't think there will be a white Christmas here this year....the kids will just have to keep praying for some snow :)


  1. Traditions are a great thing. Glad to hear you are carrying on with some your dad and I established years ago. I love the nativity scene. Can't wait to see the cake!!!!

    Pray you have a very blessed Christmas and a new year filled with work,health and much happiness. Praise God for His wonderful gift to us.
    Love Mom and Dad

  2. Merry Christmas to all there;) Together may we always keep the Christ in christmas.It is nice to hear about others traditions as there are certainley many out there.Thanks for sharing;)Enjoy your tommorrows as you continue in the establishing of many a fond memory with your family and friends...take care!Merry Christmas everyone...great job on the nativity guys!!!!

  3. The nativity seen is great! The kid's got their prayer answered for a white Christmas! YEAH!!!!