Saturday, December 25, 2010

WHITE Christmas!

So hubby says this is his first white Christmas here in the south! How exciting for him and the kids (this Northerner has had her fill of snow!!) Here are some pictures of this evening and some from our afternoon Christmas get together.


  1. Hi All
    I am sending you a few tons of snow for free and still have more to give away
    Love Dad

  2. Although it looks pretty....I'm ready for it to be over. The kids are sure enjoying it though....all 5 of them!! (Hubby is the biggest of them all)

  3. I am thrilled that you ALL got some snow to enjoy. Whether you're a little kid or a big one,it is fun to play in the snow. Of course you do know it is "Nannas" fault.*smile* She said that she wanted a pretty snow fall this year. You don't believe me? Just go down to your posting "Here we go...again". So I know she too enjoyed the snowfall you received.
    Everyone looks like their glad to see it and having fun out in it. Our temperatures are supposed to be going up,so we'll see how much will melt.
    From the pictures,it seems everyone had a nice get together on Christmas day. It's good that the cousins are together.
    I love how the snow is falling on your snow pictures. Nice touch.
    Love to you all, Mom

  4. Loved all the pictures and I sure did love the snow, too!!! It is such a beautiful sight. "Mom" is right it is all my fault for the snow! :) I had to wait 57 years for my white Christmas but I'm thankful to finally have one!!! :) Merry Christmas to all our family and friends even though it's a day past.