Saturday, December 25, 2010


We read the Christmas story....

We sing to Jesus (we are looking a little tired!)

We open presents....


  1. LOVE the birthday song. Did you make it up? We are going to copy that!!! Glad you had a joyful white Christmas!!!!

  2. The song is actually from 'A Peanut Butter Christmas' by Ron Hamilton. I actually don't encourage the CD (the kid characters have bad attitudes and such on it which I don't promote) but this song is on it and I loved it when I heard it!!!
    To hear on the drop down menu and select #4 Happy Birthday to Jesus

  3. So did our oldest granddaughter read this year? If so, wonderful!! I also love the birthday song. It is nice having a special one to sing for this occasion.
    The kids look like they are thrilled with all they received. I can hardly wait to see the charm bracelet. Someone seems happy to get something to go with his coon skin hat. It would be fun watching the little one opening gifts this year,and nice train set also for our other little guy.
    I appreciate the pictures Alissa. Love the video.
    Love you all, Mom

  4. Yes, she read this year, and then I acted the story out with our nativity cut out for the littler ones to understand. Glad you are enjoying the pictures!

  5. That was so precious to hear the "Happy Birthday to Jesus" song!!! Looks like everyone enjoyed opening their gifts and seemed very happy with them as well!