Tuesday, December 28, 2010

recent pics

...playing around with different camera settings, angles, etc.....


  1. Oh..... you've changed our babes hair colour *smile* I think I like it dark best.(ha,ha) The pictures are so clear. Our oldest loves to be outside doesn't she? I love the falling snow on the outside pictures. How many times have I said that now? :) Great pics Alissa.

  2. I agree,the pics ar amazing.Thats is one great camera...or is it the photographer,or maybe its the girls themselves,pehaps the falling snow???...lol...girl,its ALL the above I am certain ...just great all around;)Thats right,great, great, GREAT!!!!!!Happy (almost)New years to you all....

  3. I knew there would be recent beautiful photographs. I see a new profession in the making! :) I need to read my camera's manual and learn a few things myself!