Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Little feet hurry to the table. Breakfast is ready and they are hungry. Before all the children are even seated, one child rushes through grace aloud so they all can eat.
"Whoa," I say to them. "Do you know who you just talked to?"
Yes, they are young, but along with learning how to pray, they need to be continually learning about who they are praying to. Grace is not just a quick prayer we rush through so we can eat. You are going before the Almighty, Holy God.
Often times, even as adults, I think we treat our Heavenly Father so casually. We do not fully grasp the concept of his Holiness, his Sovereignty. Let us never get to the point where we treat God so casual!

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  1. Amen,Amen!!!!!!! I couldn't agree more.
    Love Mom

    PS. I hope you received the information you wanted?