Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ark Encounter update

For those of you that like to keep updated with the Ark Encounter project, here is an update from Ken Ham.

Another milestone reached with the Ark project. As we continue to raise funds for the actual construction, at the end of last year we had a campaign to raise $3M for various permits and for preparatory ground work. We praise the Lord that the $3M goal was reached. We have been obtaining various permits--and as a result, yesterday the first tree came down as part of the site preparation work. We still have a way to go before we can break ground for construction--and while this ground preparation work is underway, fund raising etc continues. Here is a video of the first tree coming down--even though this is just a small step in the overall project--it is another step forward nonetheless. You can find out more about the Ark Encounter project at this link:


  1. HOW EXCITING !!!!!!! One step closer that's for sure. Praise God for the funds that have come in !! We are sooooooo looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing.

    Love you

  2. That is very exciting, for sure!!! It's wonderful to see how God is providing for this project!!!

    Love to all