Saturday, January 5, 2013

Potty trained *with update

I hate to jump the gun, but I've been so excited with our girl's progress.  After we got over our sickness, I thought we would give potty training another try (up to this point there has been no interest or effort on her part).  I put underwear on our girl in the morning, told her there are no more diapers, and just left it at that.  For the past 2 DAYS, she has been going potty ON HER OWN.  I haven't asked her to go sit at all!!!!!  It's like it all of the sudden clicked with her.  I seriously have not reminded her about it or nudged her to go potty at all for 2 days.  I'm sooooo excited!!  And there has been no accidents on top of it!   Today we are off to get a special prize for doing so well.  Mama is doing the happy dance.............

So to update, we decided to go grocery shopping....our first outing together since we've been sick.  I took our girl upstairs to say we needed to put a pullup on while we were out at the store.  No way!!!!  She wanted underwear!!  I brought a change of clothes just in case, but while we were there, she went potty!!!!  Now I'm not sure what to do tomorrow about church.  I know she'll want underwear on (and we have a potluck dinner too all afternoon)  Guess we'll see how it goes tomorrow!


  1. Well,I'm really happy to hear how well she is doing!!!! Going 2 days is great!! Good for her!!! On the other hand,when away from home a pullup is needed, when it may be easier to forget to use the potty. Just try to explain it to her or tell her it's a rule she must follow for now.
    How's the clothes washing coming along?:)

    Love to all,and a great big "HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY" to our dear,sweet girl tomorrow!! Grandpa and I love you so much.

  2. Yeah for our girl!!!!!!! I know Mama is for sure doing the happy dance! :-) Let her know that we are so proud of her. Sometimes it happens like that, it clicks and it's for good so we hope that this is one of those instances.

    Love you all

  3. You both are such awesome parents! She can come teach my boys how to potty. ;) We're going to attempt potty training in the next month or so. We will see how that goes... ;)