Thursday, January 31, 2013


We've got teeth falling out all over the place here.  First our girl lost another tooth a couple nights ago, then our boy comes to me last night saying his tooth is ready to come out!  I didn't even know any of them were loose!!  So we  pulled that one last night and this afternoon another one came out.  There is also a loose one on top as well so we are going to have a toothless boy soon :)


  1. That's funny how losing the teeth happened at one time. Our girl probably doesn't have too many more to lose. Hopefully, our boy will have some teeth for chewing. :-) That's a cute picture of him! I guess it gets to be old hat after losing the first few teeth. When you get older or should I say old-it's not fun at all to lose teeth! :-)

    Love and hugs to all

  2. That sure is a cute picture of our boy. They love loosing their teeth. But I think it's the money they get that they really love.:) It's not fun having your jaw out of place either. ouch!!!

    I'm glad you all got home safely the other night,even though it was late.

    Love you all so much.